California Lemon Law

The California Lemon Law protects those who purchase a vehicle with serious warranty defects that the car’s manufacturer is not able to repair. If you’ve purchased or leased a car that has given you problems, read on to learn more about whether you may be eligible for a refund or replacement under California’s Lemon Law. You can also contact the Law Offices of Douglas D. Law ESQ. for legal advice.

What Vehicles Fall Under California’s Lemon Law?

The Lemon Law applies to any new or used vehicle sold or leased in California that comes with the original manufacturer’s warranty. This includes cars, pickup trucks, vans, SUVs, as well as the chassis and drivetrain of eligible motorhomes. A vehicle is designated as a lemon when it has one or more problems that are unable to be fixed even after a reasonable number of attempts.

What Other Guidelines Must Be Met for Lemon Designation?

While there are no hard and fast rules, in general any vehicle that meets the criteria described above is considered a lemon if there have been at least two attempts to resolve a warranty problem that could result in serious injury or death, or four or more attempts to resolve a less serious warranty problem, the vehicle has been out of service for at 30 consecutive days (not necessarily in a row), and the problems reduce the vehicle’s use, value, or safety to the consumer and are not caused by abuse of the vehicle. To fall under the lemon law, these criteria must be met within 18 months of the car’s purchase or 18,000 miles on the odometer (whichever comes first).

What Steps Should I Take if I’m Driving a Lemon?

Many car manufacturers offer an arbitration process in California. A lawyer specializing in the Lemon Law can help guide you through this procedure.

Facts about Lemon Laws

If you’ve heard of the term “lemon law” it refers to US states’ laws about faulty vehicles. This provides consumers protection against various defects in the vehicle and also gives them the right to make a demand for replacing the vehicle or getting a refund. The term refers to vehicles that have various defects. These defects lower the value of the car, which affects its use and reduces safety. Law Offices of Douglas D. Law recognizes consumers’ right to rely on the safety and dependability of the vehicle that they’ve purchased. Here are some important facts related to the lemons:

1. It involves a specific definition

You’ve probably heard about people referring to their vehicle as a lemon. It’s a general term that is often used to refer to a type of vehicle that people also refer to by other names including “clunkers” and so on.

However, it’s critical to keep in mind that in terms of legal terms, the term applies to a particular type of vehicle. A general rule is that a lemon has been fixed many times for the same problem within a particular warranty period. That period is stated in the state’s lemon law. If the vehicle hasn’t been fixed then it could be classified as a lemon. However, it’s advisable to have repairs fixed by an authorized auto dealer.

2. State laws differ

It’s important to keep in mind that different states have different rules regarding their lemon laws. For example, there are some states that protect used/new vehicles. In other cases, the laws only protect buyers of brand new cars. In addition, the lemon laws can also differ in the vehicles that they cover. Another issue can be related to how many times the vehicle must be fixed before it is classified as a lemon. These are all important issue to keep in mind. The reason is that rules that apply to certain states might not apply to that state you live in.

Here’s an example. California’s lemon law states that a vehicle can be classified as a lemon if it’s been fixed 4x already, hasn’t been used for 30 days, or the vehicle has been fixed twice for a particular defect that could cause major injuries or death. Meanwhile, other states might only require a c retain a number of repair tries and fewer if they could cause major injuries.

What’s important is to do research about the particular lemon laws in your particular state. The reason is that they’ll be the ones that apply to your vehicle.

3. Consumers can select a refund

Under a Lemon, Law consumers can choose for a refund rather than a replacement. They can also get a refund for an expense that they’ve spent for repairs, use of rental vehicles, towing repairs while the vehicle is at the service center. This is an important issue to be aware of. The reason is that such costs can add up quickly. It can be tough enough financially maintaining a lemon. Thus, it’s always a plus if you can get some of the expenses back that you’ve spent on the old car.

4. Refunds can be provided based on mileage

The majority of Lemon Laws provide a refund provided to the consumer that’s related to the mileage on the lemon when the refund is provided. However, there aren’t any particular guidelines about this issue. Thus, the consumer can negotiate when getting their refund.

Speaking of which, sometimes it’s easy to deal with manufacturers, but sometimes they won’t deal with lemon cars at all. In that case, you’ll need to hire a lawyer. You can also get refunded for your lawyer fees.

5. Serious defects must be repaired in one attempt

This is an important issue to consider. Typically a serious defect must be fixed within one repair attempt. They include issues related to the brakes or steering wheel. On the other hand, other safety defects must be fixed in 2 repair attempts. Meanwhile, other defects provide consumers with 3-4 repair attempts depending on which state you live in.

Here’s another factor to keep in mind. If a vehicle has been in a repair shop for a total 30 days during one year, and 1+ of the days taking place during the vehicle’s first 12,000 miles, then in that situation the vehicle is classified as a lemon.

6. A lemon law requires manufacturers to fix the problem

It’s important to keep in mind that a Lemon Law requires the car’s manufacturer rather than the dealer to fix the problem. Consumers who have a plan to request a refund must report the particular case to the auto manufacturer. This must be done in writing, and especially in the case that it’s written in the users manual or warranty materials. It’s also important to keep every document related to repairs in case they’re required when you file the complaint officially.

Finding a Right Attorney in Proving a Will

There are so many attorneys available all throughout the region and finding best one can be very crucial especially if you are dealing with a loss of the family member who is so dear to you. Finding a right attorney to help and guide you go through the process of documentations and paper works. Consider finding a lawyer that you think you are comfortable with telling all your personal information if the lawyer has handled the same situation as yours, if it is an inconvenience to meet the lawyer within your region and it is important that you discuss budget details. In Phoenix Arizona estate planning attorney aims to help you in writing a legal documentation with regards to your condition both in property, your finances, healthcare status, and even with the future support and care of your loved ones.

If you are in a grieving loss situation arranging for an appointment with an estate planner attorney should be done even before the loss of a family member occurs. The reason for this is to help you answer all your questions regarding the legal documentation and its process and having an estate attorney will guide you in making the plan efficiently so as to prepare you and your family when worse case scenario will happen. Depending on your situation is essential that you gather your thoughts with what questions you ought to be answered by your lawyer. This will, of course, give you an idea of the process of the legalities that is about to be involved. Either it is recommended to you by a friend or a relative or you have searched it through the internet is it important that you also visit the law firm office to meet your attorney. In your meeting, confirming their specialty is a must for you to know because lawyers may have a broad knowledge but not all of them have the same experiences with each other. Some attorneys do not focus on probate and much more with regards to the estate planning that means they are less likely to have experienced and needs to excel more at that level.

Having to ask an attorney about past experiences with work is the most common question that is being asked by most clients like you. The more experienced your attorney the better outcome will it bring in your case. Another is asking your lawyer about the time frame in the processing of the probate. It is by their knowledge to give you such information for you to be aware and have at least estimation of the time frame. With the matter of probate most likely go on for about several months before it will be approved by the court. As you have decided to hire a lawyer you should consider your convenience when you are going to have appointments with the lawyer. Most lawyers these days handle clients one at a time. It is also your responsibility to ask your lawyer as to how you will reach through phone, or via email so as to meet all your needs.

Things You Should Know About Drug Recall Lawsuits


There are a lot of instances where people actually end up getting injured because of the prescription drugs that they took. Companies do have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their consumers. This is why it is important that if one suffered from injuries out of taking these drugs, proper actions should be taken. In this case, filing for recall lawsuits would be a smart move.

Some unsuspecting patients may get prescribed with drugs that are actually dangerous to them. These drugs may actually be defective and in some cases, may cause serious injuries and harm. Here are instances too when some drugs may even have to be recalled after they went into production and manufacturing due to the risks that they hold.

Here are instances when even before these drugs have been publicized to have such defects or such negative effects. Some patients have already taken them for a long time this may cause them to have prolonged exposure to the medicine. The effects may be irreversible. Hence, they do have a right to file a case against the companies and the manufacturers of the medicine.

In this case, the proper legal action would be to file drug recall lawsuits. This allows one to go after these companies and demand proper compensation. These cases can be very complicated though and hence, will need the guidance of the right legal expert in order for them to successfully progress. Choosing a good legal practitioner to handle your concerns for you would be very necessary.

Gather the names of possible providers that you can refer to. You will need to ask around for suggestions if you do not know the names of your choices. People that may have been in the same situation as you before should be able to offer you helpful suggestions about how you should consider getting assistance from. Of course, you will have to do your own research to determine how good a choice these providers are going to be.

The expertise of the lawyer in handling drug recall lawsuits in the past should be reviewed. See if he has established a good career out of handling caseloads that he has tackled before. See if he has won a considerable number of these cases too. Talk to references and see if the clients that he has assisted in the past were ever satisfied with the kind of assistance that he offered so you can trust that he is not going to disappoint.