Mesh Lawsuit Numbers Rises Rapidly

The number of patients filing a mesh lawsuit continues to rise after serious complications soon after surgery. Women receiving transvaginal mesh implants in treating stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ collapse reported serious health issues. These women assert their legal rights and seek compensation for damages by filing transvaginal mesh lawsuits.

Mesh products submitted by manufacturers for FDA approval did not require conducting of clinical trials in confirmation of safety for patient use. The FDA uses a 501 (k) fast track program in approval of the mesh, giving manufacturers clearance in marketing their product without prove that no serious risk is posed to patients.
Out of thousands of women receiving surgical mesh implants, many experienced severe health issues. Common complications experienced and leading to a mesh lawsuit includes:

Painful sexual intercourse
Urinary incontinence
Recurring pelvic organ prolapse
Abdominal pain
Vaginal scarring
Abdominal vaginal bleeding
Chronic pelvic pain
Organ perforation
Mesh perforation

Most of these women must undergo mesh revision surgery, eroded mesh device removal is difficult, and often multiple surgeries are needed in extracting surgical mesh devices. Extensive damage in patients internal organs occur. After revision surgery, many patients require ongoing medical treatment as complications such as difficulty in moving, infections, nerve damage, scar tissue, nausea, painful intercourse and permanent organ damage remain.

In 2012, the FDA ordered manufacturers of mesh products to conduct clinical trials evaluating the potential health risks with the numbers rising in mesh lawsuits around the country. Reports showed that the mesh devices posed more risk to patients than optional non-surgical methods.

Causes of action from lawyers in claims regarding a mesh lawsuit are usually a strict liability, fraud, and negligence. Lawyers analyze the appropriate cause of action for filing an action in pursuit of a legal claim against manufacturers. Damages demands include loss of earnings, diminished life quality, medical expenses for the past, present and future, pain and suffering and more.

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